License Application & Renewal Information

*The North Carolina Interpreter and Transliterators Licensing Board’s licensure year runs from October 1-September 30.  Your license must be renewed annually on or before September 30.*

License Requirements & Application

Requirements for Licensure

Requirements for LicensureEffective December 1, 2023

Application for Licensure

Annual Renewal Information

This is the first year the Board will utilize an online platform called Certemy for renewal submissions. This platform allows for electronic submission and communication for all renewal items. Submitting your items through the account you create in Certemy will be the only option for submitting a renewal beginning this renewal year.

For any provisional licensees who will be submitting a provisional extension request, this request will be submitted through the Certemy platform along with your renewal.

Board policy for renewal year 2023:

Any provisional licensee who has taken the CASLI exam, NIC performance or CDI Performance exam on or before June 30, 2023, and is currently awaiting results, may submit a complete renewal through the online platform on or before September 30, 2023, and upload proof of having sat for the NIC performance or CDI Performance exam to the certifications and classifications section of the renewal portal. Uploading this proof will extend the provisional license for a period of 90 days. The provisional license will expire January 1, 2024. This will NOT renew the provisional license for an entire licensure year (October 1-September 30), but instead is a time limited grace period for the current provisional license.

Any provisional licensee that receives passing results, shall send confirmation of these results to the Board office via email on or before January 1, 2024. The provisional license will be changed to a full license and will remain valid through September 30, 2024.

If passing results are not submitted to the Board office ( on or before January 1, 2024, the provisional license will lapse, and any licensee holding such provisional license will no longer be licensed and will have to reapply for a full license once an RID certification is held.

**Submit your license renewal here**

Step by step instructions on how to register with Certemy:

  1. Navigate to the new system login page: Using any web browser on your phone or computer
    Click: Bookmark this page.
  2. Enter your Login Email: Use the email address that the is on file with the Board, this email will be the email address you received the notification emails to.
  3. Enter your Login Password: Use this temporary password: Certemy2023!
    If you have any issues logging in you can change your password at any time using the Reset Password link on the login page
  4. View your License: Once logged in, you will see your license on the left side of the screen.  Tip: Notice the small circles below the certificate name. They represent the steps (requirements) for that certificate and are color-coded. Green means complete and white means incomplete.
  5. Complete your Licensing Requirements: Completing the steps (requirements) for each license is easy. First, select the license on the left side of your screen. Then click on any of the steps on the right side of your screen to view or complete the corresponding requirement.  Tip: You’ll see the status (complete, partially completed, or incomplete) for each step together with the due date. The system will automatically send you email alerts as you approach the due date for an incomplete step.
  6. You can then log in each time you want to work on your license.

Renewal FAQs:

I need a receipt for the renewal payment, how do I get one?
If you need a receipt of payment for your license renewal, you have access to this receipt within your digital wallet.  There is a tab called “receipts”, click on this tab and you can print or download your receipt of payment.

The password sent to me is not working, what do I do?
If the Certemy2023! password is not working, click on the reset password button or contact Certemy support here.

Certemy Resources:

Instructional Video – How to Submit a Renewal Through Certemy – Video only

Instructional Video – How to Submit a Renewal Through Certemy – Video and ASL

User guide 

Dedicated support team contact:

A complete packet includes:
1. A completed Annual Licensure Renewal Application Form.
2. A copy of the verification form (CEU certificate) for each of the courses you listed on your renewal application form. Members of RID may submit your RID transcript as verification.
3. A fee of $150.00, payable online, cash, certified check, money order payable to NCITLB. Personal checks will not be accepted. Note: PayPal is no longer a viable way to submit a payment.
4. A completed public notice statement form.
5. (If applicable) A copy of your current certifications or classifications (RID, NCICS, NCSA, TECUnit, etc).

(e) For the 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24 licensure years only, the Board waives the in-person course requirements of Paragraph (a) of this Rule and licensees may take all of their CEUs for those licensure years electronically. However, this waiver shall not apply to any surplus CEUs earned during the 2023-24 licensure year and sought by the licensee to be carried over to the 2024-25 licensure year.

Provisional License Extension Request Information

Provisional Extension Request Checklist

(f) The Board shall not for any reason renew or extend a provisional license for a fifth time, with the exception of servicemembers who qualify for an extension under Paragraph (h) of this Rule

Additional Information

CEU requirements to renew (rev 07/2021)

Short Term Interpreting Registration

What do I need to do to get my license back? (For lapsed licensees)

If you need to update your contact information (address, email, or phone number) with the Board please send any updates via email to the