What are the requirements for each type of licensure?

The current requirements for licensure can be found here.

I need to change my name with the Board, how do I do that?

For any name changes a government issued ID (driver’s license, social security card) with the name change reflected on it must be submitted to the Board office.

I have obtained an RID certification, do I need to reapply for a license to change my status?

No, if you have passed the NIC certification exam and earned an RID certification, simply share the confirmation information with the Board office and your provisional license will be updated to a full license. Please note, a new license number will be assigned to you.

Can I do all of the required CEUs for renewal in professional studies?

Yes, there are limits on the number of CEUs that can be obtained in general studies (GS), but a licensee is welcome to obtain all of the required 2.0 CEUs in professional studies.

I need to update my address/email/contact information with the Board, how do I do that?

Please email the Board office with the updated information.

Do I need to live in North Carolina to hold a North Carolina license?

No, you do not need to live in North Carolina to hold a North Carolina license.

When I am applying for a license using my two year degree as one of the requirements, how do I show proof of holding this degree?

An official transcript must be submitted to the Board office either with your application or it can be mailed directly to the Board office. An official transcript must be in a sealed envelope from the institution. The Board accepts electronic submissions sent directly from the institution to the Board.

Renewal Tips & Resources:

I need a receipt for the renewal payment, how do I get one?

If you need a receipt of payment for your license renewal, you have access to this receipt within your digital wallet.  There is a tab called “receipts”, click on this tab and you can print or download your receipt of payment.

I took a course that was 0.125 CEUs, but the system only allows for two decimal places, what do I do?

Please enter any CEUs that are worth 0.125 as 0.13, and we will note the difference on our end while reviewing the information.

How do I enter my CEUs, as a whole number or as a decimal?

Please enter your CEUs as a decimal. If a course is worth 0.10 CEUs, please enter the CEU as 0.10, and not 1.0.

I am using my RID transcript for all of my CEUs, do I need to upload it each time?

Yes, for each entry please indicate the course, and upload proof of CEUs for each course. If using your RID transcript, you will need to upload your RID transcript each time.

Are we allowed to obtain all our CEUs required to renew online?

Yes, the Board removed the requirement for obtaining CEUs in a traditional classroom setting. A licensee may obtain all CEUs online, if desired.

(a) A licensee shall earn at least two continuing education units (“CEUs”) each licensure year. At least 1.0 of those CEUs shall be earned in professional studies.