Temporary Rule

The Board has proposed for adoption Temporary Rule, 21 NCAC 25 .0501(e), and it has filed that proposed Temporary Rule with the Office of Administrative Hearings, Rules Review Commission.

On June 18, 2020, the Rules Review Commission unanimously passed the Board’s Temporary Rule, 21 NCAC 25 .0501(e), allowing licensees to take all of their continuing education requirements online for this licensure year (10/1/19 – 9/30/20). The Rule will not formally go into effect until June 26, 2020.

Below is the text of the new Temporary Rule:

(e) For the 2019-20 licensure year only, the Board waives the in-person course requirements of Paragraph (a) and licensees may take all of their CEUs for the 2019-20 licensure year electronically. However, this waiver shall not apply to any surplus CEUs earned during the 2019-20 licensure year and sought by the licensee to be carried over to the 2020-21 licensure year.

Public Comment on Proposed Temporary Rule Change

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CEUs can I roll over to the next licensure year?

A licensee can roll over up to 2.0 CEUs from one licensure year to the next, however those roll over CEUs must fit within the parameters of the current continuing education rules. Those current rules are that up to 1.0 CEUs can be obtained online and up to 1.0 CEUs can be obtained in general studies (GS).

Example: You take 3.5 CEUs online in the 2019-2020 renewal year. You use 2.0 of these CEUs toward your 2020 renewal and roll over 1.5 CEUs to the 2021 licensure year. Only 1.0 of the 1.5 CEUs that have been rolled over can be used toward the 2021 license renewal due to the limitation on the number of online CEUs that be obtained and used toward a renewal is 1.0.

I have already taken traditional classroom setting (face to face) CEUs during the 2019-2020 CEU accrual period, can I get a waiver for the 2021 licensure year to get all my CEUs online?

No, the proposed temporary rule would only allow for the traditional classroom setting (face to face) CEU waiver to apply to the 2020 renewal year.

When does this rule take effect?

The Board is working through the rule making process and this does take some time. The Board hopes to have the proposed temporary rule in place in late June early July 2020. The Board will post updates to their website and email licensees as we move through this process.

How long is this rule in place?

This rule is temporary and will expire after the 2020 renewal period. Once this rule expires the existing continuing education requirements detailed in 21 NCAC 25 .0501 will be in place.

Do I need to submit any additional documentation to support all of my CEUs being done online this year?

No, the license renewal process will be the same, please submit all necessary information for your license renewal. A complete renewal contains: a renewal application, proof of CEUs (certificate of attendance, RID transcript, etc), payment of $150, public notice statement form, current copy of your certification (if applicable).

Do I still need to obtain at least 1.0 CEUs in Professional Studies (PS)?

Yes, a licensees can obtain all of their CEUs in PS, or a mix of PS and general studies (GS) as long as they have the minimum requirement of at least 1.0 CEUs in PS.

If you have any additional questions please call (919-779-5709) or email (ncitlb@caphill.com) the Board office.